About us

Based at Salters Hall Farm in South Staffordshire, here at Black Country Firewood we have a great understanding of the countryside. We understand the importance of looking after the natural resources that surround us so they can be enjoyed by future generations. 
Lambs grazing on Stubble Turnips in Jan 2015


Most people associate the importance of woodland with the supply of timber, however its role as a habitat for wildlife and the absorption of carbon dioxide is even more important.

All of our firewood comes from well managed woodlands. In almost all cases the firewood is a by-product from the construction and furniture industries.

Come and visit our farm...

Come and visit our arable farm. We offer free farm tours for those who wish to have a look around the farm in Bobbington.  

Please call 01384 221 563 to talk to us about organising a visit. We like to show groups of 6 or more around at once so bring the family / grandparents or the next door neighbours.