Frequently Asked Questions

Are your seasoned logs dry?

All of our seasoned logs have been stored undercover for a minimum of 12 months to dry out. They typically average under 20% moisture content, perfect for on any open fire or log burner.

Which are better for burning - Softwood or Hardwood Logs?

Generally speaking hardwood logs (for example Ash, Oak, Silver Birch) will be much more dense than softwood logs and therefore they burn hotter.  You therefore need fewer hardwood logs to produce the same heat output and because they take longer to burn, you use less logs.  Softwood logs are easier to light and burn brighter. They are great when you want a fire with a slightly lower heat output. At Black Country Firewood we recommend starting your fire with softwood logs, and then using hardwood logs once the fire is burning well.

What are Kiln Dried Logs?

These are logs that have been artificially dried down to a moisture content of below 15%. Kiln dried logs burn hotter than seasoned logs, less energy is used to burn off residual moisture and therefore more energy converts to heat. 

What happens if I burn unseasoned logs?

If you burn unseasoned logs on either your open fire or closed appliance there is a danger that the steam given off from the logs will carry sap and tar up your chimney or flue where it condenses and sticks to the sides. Over a period of time this can build up, and in the worst cases can lead to a chimney fire. To prevent this, only burn seasoned logs below 25% moisture, and make sure that you have your chimney swept at least once a year.

When do you deliver if we order online?

Once we have received your order, we will contact you to arrange delivery. We aim to make all of our deliveries within 1-3 working days.

Do you charge a deposit on the Bulk Bag?

No we don’t charge a deposit. We operate a save and swap scheme. Please keep the bulk bag for us to collect when we deliver your next order.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment can be made when purchasing online. For items we deliver ourselves we have card machines in the delivery vehicles so can take card on delivery and cash on delivery.

Can I collect and order?

We are open Monday to Saturday, you are welcome to turn up and collect any size order you like (we have a forklift to load) and we can take cash or card payment. In summer months we might be on the farm but never far away so feel free to call 01384 884481 before you arrive.

Do you deliver over 14 miles away?

We try to stay as local as possible, but if you are just out of the 14 miles we can sometimes make an exception. Please give us a ring on 01384 884481. Smaller items can be dispatched using DHL or log stores can be delivered ready assembled using a man in a van service.