Our Log Guide

A little information about the three different types of logs we sell:
All of our logs are ready to burn straight away and average under 20% moisture.

Seasoned Softwood Logs -

  • A mixture of Scots Pine and other coniferous species.
  • Softwood logs are easier to light and are great when you want a fire with lower heat output, like during autumn and spring. 
  • Average moisture content below 20%. 

Seasoned Hardwood Logs -

  • A mixture of Ash, Oak and Silver Birch.
  • Hardwood logs are denser and heavier than softwood logs. They burn slower and hotter, producing more energy.
  • Average moisture content below 20%. 

Kiln Dried Ash Logs-

  • These are logs that have been artificially dried down to a moisture content of below 15%. Kiln dried logs burn hotter and cleaner than seasoned logs, as less energy is used to burn off residual moisture, therefore more energy converts to heat.