Bulk Bag Seasoned Logs - Hardwood


Ah... what do you mean, you have sold out of the seasoned hardwood already?"

Don't fear... remember we do not sell any logs here at Black Country Firewood that don't meet our strict quality control measures. We have sold all of our seasoned hardwood that is under 20% moisture. The rest will not be ready until  July 2024.

Remember we still have plenty of logs in stock though, our most popular, the Kiln Dried hardwood will burn hotter than our seasoned logs, last longer on the fire and keep your glass cleaner, or why not try our 'mixed seasoned soft and hardwood', the softwood burns a little quicker but it is easy to light and gives off a really bright flame.

Any questions feel free to give one of the team a ring,



Huge Bulk Bag of Seasoned Hardwood Logs

A mixture of Ash, Oak and Silver Birch

Average log length 25cm / 10 inches

Stored undercover in a barn to keep them clean and dry

100% Seasoned and Typically average under 20% moisture.



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